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Goshen County TravelStorys

This audio driving or biking tour takes you along US 26 and US 85 through beautiful Goshen County, Wyoming. The tour can be enjoyed in either direction, starting at North Fort Laramie or La Grange.

About this tour

Goshen County's location along the North Platte River and historic Oregon, Mormon, California, and Pony Express trails makes it a prime destination for hunters, fishermen, and history buffs.

As you follow the meandering route, hear stories of the wild west and the modern west in and around Torrington, Wyoming. The tour shares the cultural and natural history of the region--featuring cowboys, trappers, and Native Americans. Enjoy the rural views of horses in nearby pastures and the far-off vistas of the Bighorn National Forest.

This tour includes the Western History Center, Homesteaders Museum, veterans' memorial, Hawk Springs, Bear Creek, and more sites and stories.

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