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Be the Explorer

Historical Society Goshen History Contest
The deadline is May 10, 2023
Winner chosen by Board Members May 20, 2023


1st & 2nd Graders
Three-sentence description with drawn pictures or photographs

3rd through 5th Graders
Write at least half a page

6th through 9th Graders
Write at least a full page

10th though 12th Graders
Write at least two full pages

  • The report must be on 8.5 x 11 paper.

  • Pictures, drawings, or charts may be added.

  • Reports must be original.

  • Subjects Examples

    • History of a person (i.e., the formal or current mayor of a town)

    • A group living in Goshen County (i.e., history of a Fire Department, Police Department)

    • History of a particular building (i.e., the first hospital, a library, a museum, a hotel, a church, etc.)​​​

How to enter

Entries must be turned in to the Chamber of Commerce desk by May 10, 2023.

2042 Main Street

Torrington, WY

(307)532-3879 Ext. 1

A parent release will be required to use the student's picture and/or story in the Torrington Telegram and the Chamber social media.

If you have any questions- call Mary Houser at (307)532-4459

Please leave a message


A reward of $25 will be given to the winner in each category

A reward of $12 will be given to 2nd place in each category

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