Governor Gordon to Sign Proclamation

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Governor Gordon to Sign Proclamation Designating 

May 5-11, 2019 as National Travel and Tourism Week 

in Wyoming

WHO: Governor Mark GordonDiane Shober, Wyoming Office of Tourism; Chris Brown, Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association

WHAT: A proclamation signing that will designate May 5-11, 2019 as National Travel and Tourism Week in Wyoming.

WHEN: Monday, May 6, 2019; 10 a.m.

WHERE: Governor's Kendrick Gallery Conference Room, located next to the Governor's office; 200 W 24th St; Cheyenne, WY 82001

WHY: Join Governor Mark Gordon as he designates May 5-11, 2019 as National Travel and Tourism Week in Wyoming. A nationwide event held annually in May, National Travel and Tourism Week celebrates travel, tourism and hospitality--Wyoming's second-largest industry--and the direct impact it has on national, state and local economies.

CONTACT: Piper Singer, PR & Media Manager, Wyoming Office of Tourism; 307.777.2888, #NTTW19, #ThatsWY

Members of the media and the public are invited and encouraged to attend.

About the Wyoming Office of Tourism

The Wyoming Office of Tourism is the only state agency charged with promoting and marketing Wyoming as a vacation destination to domestic and international travelers. The ninth-largest state in terms of area, Wyoming is also the least populated state in the country with an estimated 550,000 residents. Wyoming is home to many firsts, including the country's first national park (Yellowstone), first national monument (Devils Tower) and first national forest (Shoshone). In addition, Wyoming was the first government in the world to grant women the right to vote and will celebrate the 150th anniversary of this important milestone in 2019. These special places, along with other natural wonders like Grand Teton National Park and the Bighorn Mountains as well as Wyoming's heartfelt cowboy hospitality, welcome millions of visitors annually. To learn more about Wyoming, visit

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