Assets of Goshen County

Monday, April 23, 2018


Fort Laramie
Fort Laramie Bed and Breakfast 
1962 Pine Ridge Road
Fort Laramie, WY, WY 8221
(P) 307-532-6496
(F) 307-837-2111 


Tracks Trails
965 Gray Rocks Road
Fort Laramie, WY 82212


 Fort Laramie National Historic Site 
965 Gray Rocks Rd
Fort Laramie, WY 82212
(P) (307)837-2221 


The Pioneer Community Center
Laramie Ave
Fort Laramie, WY 82212


Government Farm & Stage Station was an outpost of Fort Laramie in the1850’s where they grew hay and reportedly fruits and vegetables to support the fort. It was also a stage stop on the Cheyenne Deadwood Stage and a deeply stratified prehistoric site.


Hell Gap One of two premier early man sites in the US. Hell Gap is a window into a camp life that expands the understanding of Paleoindian social and cultural systems. Domestic or living structures older than 12,000 calendar years were recorded at the Hell Gap excavations--among the oldest structures found in the Americas to date. See the Western History

County Line Grave 1700-year-old Indian Grave. On HWY 26, 4.8miles east of Guernsey, 7.9 miles west of the town of Fort Laramie. Contact the Western History Center has more information.

Fort Bernard Trading posted witness to and raided after the Grattan Massacre. See Western History Center for more information. From HWY 26 - 7 Miles West of Lingle, 3.4 miles east of the Town of Fort Laramie. The site is about 1.7 miles to the south, on the opposite side of the river. (42.162515 N, 104.459366W). Near Rd. 157.


1875 Iron Bridge the First Bridge in the region used to access Indian Agencies north of the N. Platte, and by the Cheyenne Deadwood Stage. Off HWY160, 0.75 miles west of the Town of Fort Laramie on the way to Fort Laramie NHS (42.21003 N,104.53389 W).


Grattan Massacre August 19th,1854, Fewer than half a company of soldiers were overpowered by a much larger force of Indians as negotiations fell through regarding restitution for an emigrant’s cow. Largely igniting the First Sioux war. Marker along Rd.157. (42.132313 N, 104.405760 W)


Hawk Springs State Recreation Area
Road 22
LaGrange, WY 82221
(P) 307-532-2433


Enjoy A Round of Disc Golf
401 Hwy 151
LaGrange, WY 82221


LaGrange Walking Path 
La Grange, WY 82221


Silver Wing Sporting Club — Wyoming Hunting 
1086 US Hwy 85
LaGrange, WY 82009
(P) (307) 834-2328 


Springer/Bump Sullivan Overview 
Yoder, WY 82244


Downer Bird Farm
Yoder, WY 82244


Goose Bump Pheasant Hunting Lodge
3722 CR 42 W, Yoder, WY 82244
1 307-640-0922


Yoder Home Site - Early Ranch House1880’s no longer present. The Yoder family collection can be viewed at the Homesteaders Museum in Torrington. (41.625127N, 104.494510 W)


Ellis’ Harvest Home
2927 US Highway 26
Lingle, WY 82223
(P) 307-532-1686 


Whipple Park
West 4th Street
Lingle, WY 82223

Rawhide Wildlife Habitat Nature Trail 
Road 156
Lingle, WY 82223


Lingle Swimming Pool
432 Freimuth Ave.
Lingle, WY 82223


Western History Center
2308 US Highway 26
Lingle, WY 82223
(307) 837-3052


Dr. Brownrigg House & Hospital - Nice big hand hewed log building. Brownrigg was a rancher and doctor early to the area. The Western History Center own site. Crescent Basin Cemetery Houses the Brownrigg family.


Woodworth Springs - Ancient Indian campsite around big spring.


Jewett Mammoth Site - Mammoth, Horse, and Camel bones uncovered here. The Western History Center has a beautiful display including giant Mammoth Tusks. (42.313430 N, 104.893484 W)


City Park
West C Street
Torrington, WY 82240


Pioneer Park
W 15th Ave & W. E. Street
Torrington, WY 82240


Jirdon Park
 701 E. 25th Ave.
Torrington, WY 82240


Adam Walter Park
East A. Street
Torrington, WY 82240


Mini Park/Gravity Rail
W. C. & 27th Street
Torrington, WY 82240


Skate Park
28th Ave.
Torrington, WY 82240


Cold Springs Interpretive Sign
Torrington, WY 82240 


Cottonwood at Torrington Golf Course 
2101 West 15th St
Torrington, WY 82240
(P) (307) 532-3868


Cottonwood Country Club 
2101 W 15th St
Torrington, WY 82240


Dale Jones Municipal Swimming Pool 
East 25th Ave & G St
Torrington, WY 82240
(P) (307) 532-7798


Goshen County Visitor’s Center
2042 Main Street 
Torrington, WY 82240


John Henry Museum
1419 South Main Street
Torrington, WY 82240


Goshen County Sportsmen’s Club 
PO Box 91
Torrington, WY 82240
 (307) 534-1920


Homesteader’s Museum 
495 South Main St
Torrington, WY 82240
 (307) 532-5612 


Pleasant Valley Greenhouse & Recreation 
4308 US Highway 26/85
Torrington, WY 82240
(P) 307-532-4769


Table Mountain Vineyards 
5933 Road 48
Torrington, WY 82240
 (P) 307-459-0233 


Tea Kettle Ranch Bed & Breakfast 
9634 Highway 159
Torrington, WY 82240
(P) 307-532-5375 


Torrington Livestock Markets
626 W Valley Rd
Torrington, WY 82240


Torrington Rock Shop
4102 Us Highway 26/85
Torrington, WY 82240
(307) 532-5938 


Walking Path
Torrington, WY 82240


Wyoming Two Theatre
126 East 20th
Torrington, WY 82240
(P) (307) 532-2226 


Goshen County Fair Grounds
7078 Fairgrounds Road 
Torrington, WY 82240
(P) (307) 532-2525


Rendezvous Center & Indoor Area
7078 Fairgrounds Road
Torrington, WY 82240


Tennis Courts
West E. Street
Torrington, WY 82240


Torrington Sports Complex - Baseball & Softball Fields
698 Fremont
Torrington, WY 82240


Canoeing & River Floating
Torrington, WY 82240


Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat
16 Miles South of Torrington
Torrington, WY 82240


Packers Lake
Packer Lake is a reservoir within Wyoming and is nearby to Lyman, Table 
Mountain, and Rattlesnake Hill
Torrington, WY 82240


"The dreams of soldiers in 1918 materialized in 1921 when the first unit of the Goshen irrigation district, southwest of Torrington, Wyo., was opened to veterans. In that year 130 veterans of
WorldWar I enthusiastically discarded their olive drab for blue denim. Waters from the North Platte River meant the opposite of all the things war symbolized-life instead of death; construction in place of destruction. So proud were the veterans of their new community that they petitioned the Union Pacific Railroad to change the name of the neighboring railhead to Veteran. Veteran was to be the shipping point for their produce-it was to be their village, the town, and in the future, their city." ("Veteran, Wyoming" in Reclamation Era, May 1947, p. 119-120)

History: Veteran Post Office was established on August 2, 1922 with Effie Mahoney as postmaster. (Wyoming Post Offices) A station on the North Platte Branch of the Union Pacific Railroad. (Union Pacific Railroad List, 1931)

CCC Camp


California Trail 
NHT (1841 - 1869) An estimated 250,000 people traveled the 2000 miles from towns on the Missouri River to California. 1852 marked the peak of the trail’s popularity, but completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 marked the demise of the trail.


Cheyenne Deadwood Stage Route 
(Sept. 25, 1876 - Feb. 19th, 1887) The stage route connected Cheyenne to mines in the Black Hills. Much of the stage route violated the treaty of 1868, and the lack of military jurisdiction combined with the precious cargo resulted in a lot of outlaw activity.


Texas Trail (1866 - 1890’s)
The Texas Trail saw an estimated quarter of a million head of cattle traverse over it from Texas to fill the grasslands of Montana and Wyoming.


Rawhide State Station 
Mormon Pioneer National
Historic Trail (1846-1869)
Nauvoo, IL, to Salt Lake City, 1300 miles, was traveled by as many as 70,000Mormons fleeing religious persecution.


Historic Jay Em 
Jay Em, WY 82219
(P) (307) 735-4364


Pony Express National
Historic Trail (April 3rd, 1860 - Oct. 24th, 1861)
A 2,000-mile overland express mail route from St. Joseph, Missouri, to San Francisco, California. Transported by horse and rider, mail could travel in 10 days with stations10-15 miles apart. The route closed with the completion of the Transcontinental Telegraph


Oregon National Historic Trail (1812-1884) 
South Pass and the Oregon Trail route was uncovered in reverse by Robert Stewart in1812/1813 on his group’s journey from Astoria, WA, to St. Louis, MO, and again by Jedediah Smithland Thomas Fitzpatrick as early as1823. 1834 saw the formation of Ft. William (later named Ft. Laramie) by William Sublette, and 1836 saw the first wagons all the way to Oregon. By1846, so many emigrants had made their way to Oregon by way of the trail, Britain ceded the Oregon Country to the United States


Jay Em Historic District - The town was founded in 1912by Lake Harris and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The historic district consists of several abandoned but preserved buildings with interpretive displays inside. Tours by reservation, call Marge (307) 735-4364or Hazel (307) 322-2839


Jay Em Bison Kill Site - An 8,000-year-old buffalo kill site. Nothing left to see on the place, but the Western History Center has a beautiful display. (42.454030 N, 104.370655 W)

B.A. Cave Foundduringdevelopment of a limestone quarry in modern times. The cave is no longer present, but there is a display at the Western History Center.


Mormon Initials Carved on Rock - Intersection of a branch of the Mormon Pioneer trail with the Cheyenne Deadwood Stage Route North.


Rawhide Stage Station on the National
Register of Historic Places, it is the locations of an early trading post and stage station on the Cheyenne Deadwood Stage. (42.553625 N, 104.512283W)


Three Mile Hog Ranch built to serve Fort Laramie as a social center away from the post. Notorious as a place to gamble, drink, and as a center for prostitution. It’s a notable example of the few military bordellos still standing. Off County Road 52, 3 Miles west of HWY 160 (42.196402 N, 104.621794 W)


Ash Point Trading Post - Built by Seth Ward and William Le Guerrier in1849 or 1850. Late in the century it also served as the headquarters for the Swan Land and Cattle Company. HWY 26, 4.5 miles west of Torrington. The site is2miles to the south on the opposite side of the Platte River (42.067234 N, 104.260548 W).


Harvard Fossil Beds - Purchased and excavated by Harvard University in the 1930s.


US Post Office Opened in 1931; the building is on the NH Register. 2145 Main St., Torrington


Cold Springs Emigrant Camp - Popular Emigrant Camp Site1850-1860 and Pony Express Station. Historical Marker
located at the Homesteaders Museum.


Dickens Site - Quarries and 1800-year-old burial mounds. See Western History Center for more information. (42.027025 N,104.145397 W)


Denver Museum Fossil Beds - Thesis where term coprolite (aka dinosaur dung) originated back in the1930’s. Bone Wars for further reading.


Stuart Party Camp - Robert Stuart and a party of 6 other men discovered South Pass and unknowingly pioneered the Oregon Trail Route in 1812-1813 on their way back to St. Louis from Astoria, OR. They camped here during a spring storm in 1813. The site was also huge Indian campsite and site of the Upper PF Ranch House (the 1880’s). Historical marker on the northside of HWY 26, 3.6 miles west of the Nebraska State Line, 4.4 miles east of Torrington (42.038237N,104.108837 W)


Red Cloud Indian Agency - the First site of the Red Cloud Indian Agency created for the Oglala Sioux after the Treaty of 1868.View from HWY 26, 0.6 miles west of Nebraska/Wyoming State Line, 7.3 miles west of Torrington.
Table Mountain Prehistoric Burial Mound


Indian grave, quarry, and camp. Fossilized oyster beds also present. On Table Mountain Wildlife Refuge. See
Western History Center for more information.


Sod House Viewable from Co. Rd. 51
(41.692585, -104.179621)


Texas Trail Marker - approx. Location of the Texas Trail. LaGrange, WY, along HWY 151 (41.636652 N, 104.166509 W).


Bear Creek Church - Still operates once a month. View from Bear Creek Rd. (41.633423 N, 104.47735W)


Griffin-Gardner House - Early ranch house 1880’s has significant architecture. View from Bear Creek Rd. (41.621413 N, 104.593723 W)

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