‘The Beautiful Cover Up’

Monday, June 19, 2017

After years, tragedies, Grassroots Trail becomes reality

TORRINGTON – Three local entities came together to cut the ribbon for the Grassroots Trail – an event more than 45 years in the making. Grassroots Trail, also known as “The Beautiful Cover Up,” is a paved walking path stretching approximately 1.25 miles across the city of Torrington.

While the occasion was a happy one, featuring representatives from the Grassroots Gals Garden Club, the city and Goshen County Economic Development Corporation, the project grew, in part, following a series of tragedies and near-death experiences.

Before it was a walking path, Grassroots Trail was a 13-block open irrigation canal running through the heart of the city’s residential center. Dating back to 1883, when the majority of the area was farmland, the open ditch eventually became a problem for 20th Century city residents.

According to city historical information, tall weeds around the canal used valuable water, acted as a mosquito breeding ground, collected litter and became a fire hazard in the winter. The waterway also claimed the lives of at least three children.

Around 1971, the Grassroots Gals Garden Club decided to make the ditch its pet project – determined to create a safer, more attractive environment for Torrington residents.

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