Fort Laramie NHS 2017 Superintendent’s Compendium

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

(Fort Laramie, WY) On April 1, 2017, Fort Laramie National Historic Site will update its Superintendent’s Compendium to include a general prohibition of smoking on the grounds. This change in park regulations is an effort to ensure the long-term preservation of the park’s irreplaceable historic resources. Smoking will only be permitted in the visitors' parking lot, and the Picnic Area; smoking will be prohibited anywhere else within the boundaries of Fort Laramie NHS.

Protecting park resources from the potential of the irreparable damage caused by fire is a priority and the action taken by the Fort to prohibit smoking will greatly reduce the risk of damaging fire within park boundaries. The staff of Fort Laramie NHS wishes to thank visitors for helping to protect, preserve, and interpret the historic resources of the Fort by smoking only is designated areas.  

The Superintendent’s Compendium is the summary of park specific rules. It serves as public notice and elaborates on public use and resource protection regulations pertaining specifically to the administration of the park. The park welcomes comments about its program and activities at any time. Written comments on the compendium may be submitted to:


Fort Laramie National Historic Site

965 Gray Rocks Road

Fort Laramie, Wyoming 82212

To learn more about the Fort Laramie NHS Superintendent’s Compendium and download a copy, visit the park website at or call the park at 307-837-2221.

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