Goshen County Lodging Tax Board

The purposes of the Goshen County Tourism Promotion Joint Powers Board (Board) shall be: To provide for the promotion of travel and tourism to and within the various geographic areas and economic centers in Goshen County and to facilitate and bring about broad and effective development and marketing programs; and to enhance and improve overnight and destination tourism.

The Goshen County Tourism Promotion Joint Powers Board, also known as the Goshen County Lodging Tax Board, is charged with promoting local travel and tourism. The lodging tax board implements the proposition approved by the voters of Goshen County to impose a county sales and use tax on lodging services for travel and tourism promotion.

The lodging tax board is comprised of 9 members. One member is a representative from the Wyoming Travel & Industry Coalition, Goshen County appoints three members and each municipality appoints one member.

Tourism Sponsorship Program:

The Tourism Sponsorship Program helps eligible organizations or events that have the capability of attracting visitors to Goshen County. These events or projects must fall into one of the following three sponsorship categories:

1) Community Character Program – Sponsorships up to $2,500

This program is intended to support events that contribute to the distinctive character and vibrancy of our community. Such as craft fairs, historical programs, etc.. These events may not be the only reason why visitors choose to come to Goshen County, and also may not generate over-night stays, but will help to make the visitors experience more memorable and increase word-of-mouth promotion of our community.

2) Events, Conferences, and Group Visits Program – Sponsorships up to $5,000

This program is intended to support events that bring groups to Goshen County for events, conferences, symposia and other gatherings. This category recognizes the economic value of this type of visitation and supports organizations to sponsor and host these events. Sponsorships will be awarded to events that offer both economic value and other broad community benefits.

3) Major Events, Festivals and Coordinated Events Program – No maximum amount

This program is intended to support the development and growth of major special events for Goshen County. This program supports special events that have the demonstrated potential to attract overnight visitors in numbers substantial enough to have a significant economic impact on Goshen County. Events receiving these awards will be required to coordinate marketing efforts with other events occurring during the same time period.

Applications are administered bi-annually and are due no later than March 1 or November 1 of each year.
Tourism Sponsorship Program guidelines and applications are available below or at the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce located at 2042 Main Street in Torrington, Wyoming. Completed applications may be brought to the Goshen County Chamber or emailed to info@goshencountychamber.com. Office hours are 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.