The eclipse is on schedule and GCEM is prepping for every contingency

Monday, June 19, 2017

TORRINGTON – The adage warns us “there are only two things in life that are certain, death and taxes,” but this year there is one more certainty to add to the list, the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. It is on schedule, on course and headed straight for Goshen County on Aug. 21.
What is uncertain, however, is exactly what its appearance means for the county. Will it bring 10,000 tourists or just a couple of hundred lookie-loos? Will traffic come to a halt or just slow down a little? How much lead time will be needed to order a pizza and have it delivered?
One person who is hoping for the best, but doing everything she can to prepare for the worst, is Shelly Kirchhefer, Goshen County Emergency Management Coordinator, who is working closely with all of the county’s first responders and emergency service providers to help ensure that Aug. 21 is as safe and commonplace as any other summer day. Kirchhefer held a meeting with first responders to review contingencies that could occur on that Monday in Aug., and department plans to deal with 
any contingency.

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