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Monday, June 19, 2017

GOSHEN COUNTY – What do Nevada, New York, Hawaii and Wyoming have in common? 
According to a recent study, they all rank in the top 10 for “most fun states in America.” 
Personal-finance website WalletHub listed the Cowboy State as No. 6 overall, based on 22 metrics to determine variety and cost-effective options 
for enjoyment.
With No. 1 indicating “most fun” and 25 as average, Wyoming received the following rankings:

• Restaurants per capita: Eighth; No. 1 is Vermont; Utah, 50th.
• Movie theaters per capita: First; No. 50 is Louisiana.
• Golf courses and country clubs per capita: 10th; Iowa is No. 1; Utah came in last.
• Performing-arts theaters per capita: 16th; Alaska, New York and Vermont are tied for No. 1; Mississippi is 50th.
• Fitness centers per capita: Ninth; Massachusetts is No. 1; Hawaii is No. 50.
• Access to National Parks: Second; Alaska came in first; Indiana rounds out the bottom.
• Highest state and local expenditures on parks and recreation per capita: Tied for first with North Dakota and South Dakota; Massachusetts is 50th.

While Wyoming’s overall “Nightlife” ranking is 20th, the state earned sixth place for entertainment and recreation.
Considering all metrics, analysts named the top 10 most fun states as Nevada, South Dakota, Colorado, North Dakota, New York, Wyoming, Oregon, Louisiana, Montana and Hawaii.

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