The Springer/Bump Sullivan Wildlife Managment Area spans over 3,000 acres and the public has non-motorized access year round.  Management priorities are focused on geese, ducks, and pheasants, but  a wide array of animals can be viewed here from deer to song birds.  The area is considered to be one of the best pheasant and goose hunting areas in the state of Wyoming.

Public Access (Picnicking, Hiking, and Wildlife Observation)

Springer/Bump Sullivan is open year round to the public; however, the area is closed to motorized vehicular travel from Labor Day through Memorial Day weekend. Off-road vehicular travel is not allowed.  In addition to picnicking and hiking, fishing and boating are also options, however due to low water levels, the quality of fishing will likely be better at the Hawk Springs State Recreation Area.


Springer is closed to goose hunting; however, public land on Bump Sullivan Reservoir and surrounding private lands provides goose-hunting opportunities during the winter months.  Please follow the Wyoming Game and Fish rules when hunting and obtain the proper permissions when accessing land in the Hunter Management Program or the Walk-in Area Program.  DO NOT access private lands not included in the Game and Fish Programs without express consent of the land owner.  Not sure who owns the land? The Wyoming Statewide Parcel Viewer is a handy tool.


  • Parking Lot 2:  On the West Side of HWY 85 6.3 miles north of Hawksprings and 2.6 miles south of the intersection of  US Hwy 85 and State Hwy 152 (Map it here).
  • Parking Lot 3: Head south on Hwy 152, about ½ a mile west of Yoder. Continue on to south on Rd 37 for about 1 mile and turn east (Map it here).
  • Boat Ramp and Parking Lot 8: Continue Past Parking Lot 2 for approximately 1,000 feet , make a left turn and stay straight for about a 1/2 mile (Map it here).


Restroom Facilities are available at Parking Lot 3 and at the Boat Ramp/Parking Lot 8.

External Links

Here is a link to the Springer/Bump Sullivan Wildlife Management Area on the Wyoming Game and Fish’s website where a map and description can be found.