On clear nights, the wide expanse of  the western sky plays host to all the starry wonders of the night. Stay away from brightly lit areas and enjoy locating all the constellations or just sit and enjoy the view from anywhere in Goshen County, Wyoming.  Below are a few locations we feel will provide for a remote and yet comfortable Wyoming night sky viewing experience.

Hawk Springs State Recreation Area has restrooms and parking, and it is a good place to view the stars if you can position yourself away from the street lights and camp fires, as it is otherwise well isolated from light noise.  The Springer/Bump Sullivan Wildlife Management Area has restrooms, parking, and no street lights.  Parking lot 3 is especially isolated and there is camping as well.  The Rawhide Wildlife Habitat Area is another great spot that has similar facilities although it is a bit closer to the lights of Torrington and Lingle.